The Band


The Band...

The cast of the film consists of the hard-working members and managers of the JK Pan Vibrations steel pan band.  The band is multi-ethnic and multi-age, with some members having played from their infancy into their 20s.  Under the direction of Cecil Clarke and Heather McIvor, who have gathered and managed them for years, band members share their joys and their challenges as they deal with the discipline required of the difficult annual competition.  They play a number of “off-season gigs” throughout the year – but they truly relish the thrill of preparing for the annual competition.  They consider the band their family.


JK Pan Vibrations loves to play at events!  If you would be interested in having them play -- in either a small (4 player), or large format (up to 15 players), please contact us!


Heather McIvor:  416-574-7366

Gayle Wilmot:    416-886-7388